Bug reports

Please read me before reporting a bug! (1)
[0.30.2: DONE] Portuguese Translation (20)
V0.31 Save Dashboard Error (1)
Fatal error, The Metabase server terminated unexpectedly (4)
Please, stop the timezone thing! (1)
Collections permissions screen (1)
0.31 Multiple bugs and errors (1)
Lost % in PIE (7)
Conection with MongoDB (1)
Table column labeling when rendered in UI as table, the spacing is weird [SOLVED] (2)
"Must be an OrderableValue or OrderableValuePlaceholder" error (5)
Variable Fields Reorganising after save (Native Query) (3)
Crashes / Can't save questions (5)
Databases Show Limited? (2)
Question not returning results for SPECIFIC period (6)
Adding New Question to Graph Breaks Labels (4)
[0.31: DONE] Disabling/hiding X-Ray feature (19)
Embed This Question Button Not Working (4)
[0.31: DONE] Shared Dashboard, Download link /api/ missing site url prefix (7)
Metabase app got freezed (2)
Java error and parameter(date) mismatch (3)
Data in wrong month depending on Visualization type selected (1)
[0.30.4: DONE] Can not startup when use 0.30.3 version (language = zh) (4)
Moving question to collection problem (3)
Custom Mapping not saving the mapped value (5)
Credentials ok but can't log in (10)
[0.30.3: DONE] Foreign Key: column reference is ambiguous (5)
[0.30.2: DONE] Metabase 0.30 RC: Queries timing out, other issues (AWS ALB HTTP/2 related) ( 2 ) (25)
Alignment not proper in Pulse in Metabase 0.30.1 (6)
Dashboard filter and number of rows (2)