Bug reports

Please read me before reporting a bug! (1)
0.30 is something wrong with the UI? ( variables / gui elements) (3)
Public links not working (1)
Editing database connection deletes all existing metadata (2)
Hidden tables still visible in 'Our Data' (1)
Pie Chart in Metabase (8)
Disabling/hiding X-Ray feature (11)
Issue with Text Boxs (2)
Pivot table download issues (4)
Unmarked when selected (3)
[0.30.1: DONE] X-rays and redundant fields (3)
[0.30.1: DONE] 0.30.0 showing old tables in x-rays (3)
View only permission on raw query should not show sql (1)
Redshift database configuration missing password field in v0.30.0? (3)
Funnel chart titles duplicated (7)
Shared Dashboard, Download link /api/ missing site url prefix (2)
Question mark on segments not displaying info (4)
Sorting with more than one metric (1)
H2 DB --- Collection and Dashboard gone after rebooting box (2)
AREA visulization error (MIME) (2)
Filter in dashboard resets by it self to plain text input (2)
LDAP credentials stored in plain text (1)
Trend Area Graph changing colors when using Filter Drop Down (5)
Cursor keeps jumping (1)
MS-SQL seems to have issue with formating based on Months (1)
Metabase fails on new ISODate() mongo native query (3)
macOS app shut down (4)
Display value as not showing date (7)
Question won't load (4)
Email pulses not sending (2)