Bug reports

[0.30.0: DONE] Question mark on segments not displaying info (4)
Sorting with more than one metric (1)
H2 DB --- Collection and Dashboard gone after rebooting box (2)
[SOLVED] AREA visulization error (MIME) (2)
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LDAP credentials stored in plain text (1)
Trend Area Graph changing colors when using Filter Drop Down (5)
Cursor keeps jumping (1)
MS-SQL seems to have issue with formating based on Months (1)
Metabase fails on new ISODate() mongo native query (3)
macOS app shut down (4)
Display value as not showing date (7)
Question won't load (4)
Email pulses not sending (2)
Cannot read property 'range' of undefined (1)
Bug: Metabase rounding 17 digit strings (8)
[0.30.0: DONE] Error migrating from H2 to MySQL (9)
Tables list not properly displayed in field filter (3)
Field filters in SQL lead to "SQLException: Parameter index out of range (1 > number of parameters, which is 0)" (1)
[0.29.x: DONE] Field Filter does not show Dropdown list (16)
Floating maps in public links & embeds (1)
Multiple aggregations when connected to Druid (1)
- (minus) character not showing in the columns aliases (3)
[0.29.x: DONE] Connecting to local Spark (15)
Questions results exports randomly not working (3)
Dashboard Filters Broken 0.29.0 (3)
Map & Legend Missmatch (1)
[0.29.0: DONE] Date range doesn't allow to select long range (4)
Date Range filter overflows out of the screen (1)
Y-axis won´t split (3)