Bug reports

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Table column labeling when rendered in UI as table, the spacing is weird [SOLVED] (2)
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[0.31: DONE] Disabling/hiding X-Ray feature (19)
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Metabase app got freezed (2)
Java error and parameter(date) mismatch (3)
Data in wrong month depending on Visualization type selected (1)
[0.30.4: DONE] Can not startup when use 0.30.3 version (language = zh) (4)
Moving question to collection problem (3)
Custom Mapping not saving the mapped value (5)
Credentials ok but can't log in (10)
[0.30.3: DONE] Foreign Key: column reference is ambiguous (5)
[0.30.2: DONE] Metabase 0.30 RC: Queries timing out, other issues (AWS ALB HTTP/2 related) ( 2 ) (25)
Alignment not proper in Pulse in Metabase 0.30.1 (6)
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TIMESTAMPs with SQLite (5)
Data Model changes and inconsistencies in 0.30.0 (4)
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Public links not working (2)
Chart values on shared dashboards are sticking open (5)