Feature Requests and Suggestions

Functions in Metabase: now() (3)
[0.30: DONE] Ability to download from Dashboard (11)
Microsoft Teams integration (2)
Annotations (2)
Include Mouseover Description For Question Embeds (1)
Providing a file based card and dashboard approach (3)
Auto-refresh dashboards automatically (global default setting) (1)
Include Hours and minutes on dashboard date/time filters like there is within Questions (8)
Database sync latency (5)
Going back to table view (3)
Percentage - divide one field by another ( 2 ) (22)
Update Date Filter Dashboard everyday (2)
Dashboard question clicking on row triggering another question - native query (13)
Microsoft Access database connection (2)
Comparison with Last/Previous Year (3)
Keep original columns names visible in Data Model (3)
Mongo v4.0 monitoring: integrate in metabase (1)
Fixing Column width and wrapping text based on the size of the column (2)
Type of search in fields used in filters (LIKE type) (1)
How can I insert or update value into a database table field (4)
Pulses list "design" (1)
Support for ArangoDB (2)
Question last viewed at [SOLVED] (8)
Using Metabase to display content from other BI tools (1)
Sharing page add question description (5)
Joining Across Databases (Federated Joins) (2)
Send pulse only on weekdays (1)
Key word search bar for questions and collection (1)
Different default values in dashboard filters for each user! (5)
Zulip group chat (2)