Feature Requests and Suggestions

Generate pulse / reporting in X minutes instead of hour (3)
Prefix for Pie (Donut Chart) (1)
Dremio/JDBC/ODBC connector (4)
Pinning Dashboards - Groups / Permissions (2)
GraphQL/AppSync support (1)
Question alert (3)
Nexus DB connection (1)
Add "not saved" feature to Question editor (1)
Adding data from excel table (4)
DynamoDB Support (5)
Plot confidence interval for a metric in dotted line (2)
Markdown Link in a new tab (3)
Username of Metabase (4)
Visualize tasks in a Kanban (3)
Adjust font size (4)
Multiple relationships on foreign key (1)
[0.30: DONE] Change Default Collection (2)
How I can show/display the sum of a stacked bar on the top of a bar or middle of a bar? (3)
Pivot table when columns are hidden (1)
Functions in Metabase: now() (3)
[0.30: DONE] Ability to download from Dashboard (11)
Microsoft Teams integration (2)
Annotations (2)
Include Mouseover Description For Question Embeds (1)
Providing a file based card and dashboard approach (3)
Auto-refresh dashboards automatically (global default setting) (1)
Include Hours and minutes on dashboard date/time filters like there is within Questions (8)
Database sync latency (5)
Going back to table view (3)
Percentage - divide one field by another ( 2 ) (22)