Feature Requests and Suggestions

Cross-filtering (3)
Ability to download from Dashboard (10)
Embed href links and download (5)
Private Questions (3)
Calendar as Data Visualization Option (2)
Ordering before aggregate function causes error (6)
DynamoDB Support (1)
Join Filter Columns (4)
Setting correct Data Format for Europe (10)
Manually decide pivot dimensions (5)
Google Hangouts Chat (1)
Rearrange filters position in dashboard (1)
Multiple selection on Month and Year Date filter (1)
Add MB_DB_ENCODING=utf-8 for mysql environment (4)
UX Improvements in field filters with autocomplete (1)
Formatting the pulse/shared XLSX file (2)
Can we embed other charts in Metabase Dashboard? (3)
Tables Column Color Fill (3)
ABAC authorization model (4)
Dashboard Arrangements/Amendment (7)
Improve User permission & Dashboard (5)