[0.31: DONE] Shared Dashboard, Download link /api/ missing site url prefix



I use a prefix URL to expose publicly Metabase in General / Settings :

There is a problem with the download link provided to download csv, xlsx & json when sharing the question.

In Question edit mode, the link is good when clicking download xlsx.

But when you share the question with a Public link, browse it and click download xlsx, the link becomes :

  1. https://mywebsite.fr/MyPrefix/public/question/af8c4c5f-38aa-45a8-b489-522ccb127b2d.xlsx?parameters=[]
  2. this website url redirect with 302 to api service : https://mywebsite.fr/api/public/card/af8c4c5f-38aa-45a8-b489-522ccb127b2d/query/xlsx?parameters=[]

As you can see, the missing part “/MyPrefix/” is not present.

Could you correct this in next release ?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work with this usefull tool.


A bunch of absolute paths got fixed in this:

Would be good if you can test with e.g. https://hub.docker.com/r/metabase/metabase-head/ if you have Docker.

Alternatively there’s a fairly recent jar I built and shared here: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/7597#issuecomment-406707235

CSV/ JSON/ XLSX downloads does not go with the nginx configuration

@seb the fix mentioned above got released as part of v0.30.0. Would be good to know if that fixes the issue for you!

A good starting point for planning to go to v0.30 - as it contains some UI changes etc. is



We still suffer from this issue, despite moving to v0.30.



We are also facing the same issue. Please provide the fix at the earliest.


@seb @annapoorani_n @Ronnie would be good if you guys could please take PR #8629: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/pull/8629 for a test spin to confirm it fixes the issue. Then I’m pretty sure I’ll get merged as part of the upcoming v0.31 hopefully due out sometime this month.



As we have not set up the metabase devlopment env and are only using it through jar, It would be helpful if we get changes build into a jar file. We will can surely test and confirm if its works if we get the build as jar. Thanks