Admin's message in activity tab [has workaround]


I’ve searched a bit and could not find anything related. My suggestion is to add some kind of “Admin message” to the activity tab.

I’ve had some instances where I needed to change a table’s name, composition, or something like that. I’d like to be able to pin a message there (or, actually, anywhere), so my users could see the relevant updates.


You can do it with a text box in a dashboard, but I don’t think there’s any other way. Would be nice to have a Message Of The Day sort of thing,


Yeah, you got my point! That is my general idea, and doesn’t seem too complex to implement, given what we already got.


Guess it’s this workaround so nicely illustrated by Andrew in:

Instead of the calm Instructions text it just need a few :warning: sign’s (and a bit of <blink> and people will see it :wink: ) - like:

:warning::warning: Server shutdown in 10 minutes! :warning: :warning: