DashBoards - Limit access for users [ SOLVED ]


Hi all,

Its possible to defined whats dashboard one user can see?


User B can only see dashboards 1,2 and 3

User A can see dashboards 1,2,3,4,5


Soon! It’s in 0.30 by using collections.


Only Questions collections is possible to deny access, dashboard can´t do this, right?

Next Update its possible do this?


Yes, next update apparently. I’ve not had time to play with the RC yet, but it’s in there.
Lot’s more goodies too:


Ty, You really helped me.


What @AndrewMBaines said, and …

Available as JAR :package: - and :whale: on Docker Hub.

BTW if you are up for even more bleeding edge (recommend only for testing :wink: ) and you have Docker you can pull from https://hub.docker.com/r/metabase/metabase-head/ … I noted they already fixed a few UX glitches in there since RC 1 … I particularly like :mag: zoom for XRay shown here. It both looks good and seems useful!