Keep original columns names visible in Data Model


Guys, I just want to suggest that you somehow keep the original name of the column visible while renaming them. We got a Database in one language, and, in metabase, we show the columns in another. So, sometimes, it gets really messy, since we have some 120 columns tables. I don’t think it is very hard to implement, since metabase necessarily has to keep that column/alias mapping somewhere to create its queries.

Thanks for the great tool!


There’s an option, top right:
I agree that it would be better to be able to show both.
Alternatively, you could interrogate the Metabase database.


Yeah, I was aware of that option, my suggestion was to show both, because, even using “show original schema”, it is hard to tell what is the 35th column called without acutally count it. But, hang on a sec, checking metabase metadata hadn’t crossed my mind, I’ll check it out and eventually post here what I have found out! Thanks again for the ever reliable support.