Lost % in PIE


Since the migration to 0.31, I lost the % in pie as 4 digits.


turn on


% is broke by showing way too many digit. % in legend is already selected but I have the same result as Bacus99


we just upgraded to 0.32 and PIE percentage is ok, but setting popup seems to have a problem when selecting too many slices, by reducing percentage.
The problem is when updated view in the popup cover the CANCEL / DONE buttons, so that confirmation is not possible.


Hi Edoardo, where you find the link for the 0.32 version? I just find the 0.31. Thanks!


Really Sorry !
Please read 0.31 …


Solution find:

  1. Select the question
  2. View the SQL (button up right)
  3. Click - Convert this question to SQL
  4. Trigger the Get Answer
  5. Save

Problem solved.