Shared Dashboard, Download link /api/ missing site url prefix



I use a prefix URL to expose publicly Metabase in General / Settings :

There is a problem with the download link provided to download csv, xlsx & json when sharing the question.

In Question edit mode, the link is good when clicking download xlsx.

But when you share the question with a Public link, browse it and click download xlsx, the link becomes :

  2. this website url redirect with 302 to api service :[]

As you can see, the missing part “/MyPrefix/” is not present.

Could you correct this in next release ?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work with this usefull tool.


A bunch of absolute paths got fixed in this:

Would be good if you can test with e.g. if you have Docker.

Alternatively there’s a fairly recent jar I built and shared here:


@seb the fix mentioned above got released as part of v0.30.0. Would be good to know if that fixes the issue for you!

A good starting point for planning to go to v0.30 - as it contains some UI changes etc. is