Structuring data for Funnel charts


I have a classic usage case for a Funnel chart: number of opportunities in a sales cycle:

…but when I visualise with the Funnel chart, I get this:

The first stage is not shown at all, and the rest of the steps are expressed as a percentage of the first stage and not the overall total.

I’ve read the documentation on Funnel charts, it shows a funnel like this:

…which makes me think that the data needs to be structured in a particular way; I’m guessing the overall total needs to be included in the results to act as the first ‘step’? I knocked up a quick union query using the sql editor to do this:


…but it seems when I do, the Funnel chart is no longer selectable when using SQL questions?

Has anyone had any success using this chart, and if so, is there indeed a secret to structuring your data? Or is the funnel chart broken?

I’ve tried using 0.29.3 and 0.30.1, both return the same results.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Trying to loop in @kwilde … who I’ve seen is using funnel :slight_smile:


Your first example is exactly like my funnel charts which each percentage being a percentage of the first step which you show to be 359 (ex 100/359=.27855). The second example is the same (ex 727/3901=.1889)

You don’t need an overall total. If you want to see an overall total and percentages of that you would want a pie chart.


Well, here’s something I got wrong: my data is showing number of opportunities currently in each stage; to make the funnel I need a reverse cumulative sum:


…as the opportunities in the later stages have already passed through the previous (the source data doesn’t track stage progress).

I still don’t think this will produce the same result as the example funnel; the structure of the data is not changing, just the values :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Edit: I love how you can freehand SQL stuff in Metabase:


As suspected, still not quite the same format as that in the documentation, but at least the numbers are accurate :slightly_smiling_face:

Double Edit:
I can make this:

Using this:
Which is about as close as I can get to this:


Which just made me google this markdown (but aparently also SQL - and other forms) of tables:


Nice find @jornh !

For the record, I’m convinced the Funnel Chart is broken. I simply cannot replicate the same format as the example in the documentation.