Bug reports

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Jdbc:hive// for older Hive like(in) SparkSQL Driver (2)
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Not sending pulses (1)
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Saved question display limit? (3)
Migration issues from 0.31.0-RC1 to 0.31.1 (1)
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[Fixed] Docker Hub latest tag points to v0.31.0 instead of v0.31.1 (3)
Unalble to update the team permissions (3)
MySQL option for Metabase doesn't appear to be supported on Beanstalk (1)
0.31 Multiple bugs and errors (3)
Collections permissions screen (3)
[0.30.2: DONE] Portuguese Translation (20)
Fatal error, The Metabase server terminated unexpectedly (4)
Lost % in PIE (7)
Conection with MongoDB (1)
Table column labeling when rendered in UI as table, the spacing is weird [SOLVED] (2)
"Must be an OrderableValue or OrderableValuePlaceholder" error (5)
Crashes / Can't save questions (5)
Databases Show Limited? (2)
Adding New Question to Graph Breaks Labels (4)
[0.31: DONE] Disabling/hiding X-Ray feature (19)
Embed This Question Button Not Working (4)
[0.31: DONE] Shared Dashboard, Download link /api/ missing site url prefix (7)
Metabase app got freezed (2)