[0.30.0: DONE] Question mark on segments not displaying info

Just as the title says… In this guide, it shows how it should display info. On my metrics, I can see that info. But, as shown below (although my mouse did not show up in the screenshot, it is there over the question mark), I can’t get it to show info.

I tried it from different PCs, either on Chrome or Edge, for no good. Segments are defined as following:

Am I missing something?

No I don’t think so :cry: … I can reproduce with 0.29.3 and Firefox 61 (it works on a a home-built Metabase version I had lying around labelled You're on version v0.28.0-snapshot and Built on 2017-12-30)

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Already created an issue in github.


Look’s like this buglet is gone again in current master (or to be exact - version given below) - so will be fixed in v0.30.0 once it goes out.

This is what I see - with both Firefox Developer 62.0b8 and Chrome Version 67.0.3396.99

You’re on version v0.30.0-snapshot

Built on 2018-07-19

Branch: dont-default-to-port-1433-for-sql-server

Hash: 8e365e8