[0.30: DONE] How to specify column order in Pulse Question?

Pulse is not keeping the order of columns I have added in the question. It is automatically sorting by name. Is it possible to specify columns order in Pulse ?

This should be fixed in 0,30 as per the comments here:

I haven’t been able to confirm that yet but maybe you can and add your comments there.

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I’ve just checked in 0.30.1 and it works perfectly. I only tested email though. Changing the question also changed the pulse.
Just a shame that conditional formatting of the table is ignored.

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I’m surprised to hear that given Pulse conditional table formatting by senior · Pull Request #8032 · metabase/metabase · GitHub which to me looks like it should exactly handle unified formatting of tables in pulses and normal web-tables. There is of course always the possibility that you uncovered a bug! (And, now that you mentioned you tested through email only, I guess your email client is a factor to consider here as well)

Thanks Everyone. Upgraded to 0.30. It works perfectly.

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