2 filters, on 2 difference table


Is it possible to do this ? :

In one query with left join
{{filter1}} -> to filter with table 1
{{filter2}} -> to filter with table 2

Actually it seems to be not possible

Hi @Stekino
Yes, it's possible. If you are using Field Filters, then read this:
You say it's not possible, then post your query.

Hi @flamber

Here is my query :

SELECT "public"."project"."completion_jordan", count(*) AS "count"
FROM "public"."project"
left join "public"."measure_calo_doriane" on "public"."project"."measure_calo_id" = "measure_calo_doriane"."measure_calo_id"
WHERE "public"."project"."product_slug" = 'voiture'
[[AND {{table1}}]]
[[AND {{table2}}]]
GROUP BY "public"."project"."avion"
ORDER BY "public"."project"."avuin" ASC

Only the first filter is working. I can invert the filter, and still only the first is working

@Stekino I don't understand what "invert the filter" means, but I'm guessing that the fields have not been connected to the correct table in the variable sidebar.
Check your database query log to see what is being received, when you set either of the filters.

Thank you very much ><