Access emebedded Dashboards publically (e.g. without metabase.SESSION_ID)

Question : If I have created an embedded Dashboard , how can I make it public (e.g. anonymous access) without having to deal with metabase.SESSION_ID ?

The reason is that I get an error : ‘the server responded with a status of 401 (Unauthorized)’
(related with : GET /api/user/current)
(see : Embeded URL Dashboard with Authorization API)

If your requirement is public sharing have you tried using the public embed feature:

It’s just an iframe to include in the HTML of your other site. Note if your other site is running https you might need to enable https for your Metabase server as well. That point is also covered in the admin guide.


It’s no so simple because I have filters on dashboards and my application passes the parameters as specified by metabase. If I didn’t have any parameters you were right. But in my case my parameters are specified as ‘locked’ and following what metabase suggests my application creates the token and the final url to access dashboard.
The problem is that I have to call ‘GET’ the url with metabase.SESSION_ID with a specific header
Also, I don’t have/need https

Ah Ok, that additional info clarify what you are trying to achieve. Sorry I have no experience using the more advanced embedding requiring server side code.