Access problem after update

Hello, I recently updated Metabase to v0.39.4 and after that my colleagues are having problems to access metabase, they get "err_connection_timed_out". What might have happened?
I already checked the permissions and everything seems ok.
Thank you.

Hi @Larissa
Which version did you upgrade from?
Sounds like a problem with a reverse-proxy (load-balancer etc), or they are using the wrong address.
Seems strange if you are not having problems, but only your colleagues are. That sounds like a networking issue.

Thanks for your answer. We had the v0.38.x (I'm not sure which one), one detail is: I have admin permissions, I thinks this is why I'm not having problems.

Ok, we just managed to solve it, it was just a problem with firewall, so anyone who might be experiencing the same problem, try to check your firewall configurations.