Accessing Metabase through Apache

Hi All,

I would like to access Metabase on standard port 80, where Apache is running. Just wondering if anyone could advise how to set it up. The idea is to access Metabase with a URL like: Any hints are welcome.


Just for the record, it seems it is not possible to do this. See this other topic and issue 2090 for details.

Yeah, it’s not currently possible.

We have no objection to it, and a PR that fixed this would be more than welcome =) It’s on our radar, but we’ve been focusing more on the nuts and bolts of the app itself.

I stumbled recently on this post with the same question.

Actually it’s possible to run metabase as if you add a proxypass in your Apache configuration. Technically the traffic for /metabase will then be routed to

add in /etc/apache2/sites-available/

ProxyPreserveHost On
ProxyPass /metabase
ProxyPassReverse /metabase
ServerName localhost

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