Add limit to the query

Hello Guys,

Im using metabase with redshift and we want to use with presto too. I know metabase has a hard limit on query result, 2000 rows.

But I realized that metabase doesn't add the keyword limit to the query, for example:

select * from tabela limit 10

Is there anyway to do that? Its better do limit the rows quantity on the query engine, less data coming to metabase

Hi @rubenssoto
That would require that Metabase can parse the query, which is currently not possible. Parsing the query would open up a lot of other functionality too, so it's definitely something we're trying to do.
The limit is sent in a separate session query.

Thank you for your answer @flamber

In my metabase deploy, if an user run a query with a big result, metabase goes it a problem of my deployment? Is there anyway to avoid that?

thank you

Post the crash log.
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting, and which database type you're querying.
And how much RAM is allocated to Metabase - you can see that in one of the first lines, when you start Metabase.
There should be limits on all queries, so it shouldn't be possible to crash Metabase unless it's woefully under-scaled.