Add text labels to x axis

Is there any way to add a text label to the x axis on a plot? Currently metabase only seems to allow me to select an x axis that’s a number.


i’m looking for this feature too!

I need to map texts to some numbers in my x-axis to make the shown data understandable for people who don’t know the meaning of the numbers.

I want to visualize the status of all entries of one of my tables. Every status has it’s name, which I want to display instead of the status-number.

I think we’re talking about solving this problem more holistically. As I understand it, The underlying problem is really that you have a field with coded values that you want to map to readable values, and presumably you would want that mapping to happen any time you use this field, not just on this one chart. So we’re doing some thinking around having a place for admins to set mappings and other options such as that on each field/dimension in a table.


This is just what i’m looking for.:slight_smile:

Is this feature still in the books to be implemented?

This actually has already been implemented! See the documentation here:

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Oh nice, thank you !

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Actually, I’ve tried this, and while it works when you use just the GUI to write a question, as soon as you switch to SQL editor, the mapped field values go away and are replaced by the original id’s. Is there a specific way to request the mapped values to show up by changing something in the sql ?