Add users from LDAP

Guys, good afternoon!

Using LDAP authentication, how do I pre-add users so that I can define the group they will be submitted to? Because in these groups are already set the permissions to which databases or which users will have access. Would it be possible to set the “LDAP Users” group by default?

Lourival Oliveira

Hi @Lourival
Which version of Metabase?
Yes, by using “Group Mapping” at the bottom of the LDAP settings page.
There are a couple of issues, which might cause problems when syncing:

Hi @flamber,
I currently use version v0.33.3 (Latest).
Thanks for answering.

Hi @flamber,

Even setting the default group, when an LDAP user logs in to Metabase, it goes to the “All Users” group. What could be wrong?

But you haven’t checked the LDAP_USER group…?
Check the Metabase log and LDAP log to see if you can see anything that goes wrong.
But like I already linked, there are some issues with LDAP syncing, so maybe that’s causing problems for your setup.