Adding a database

I added a PostgresSQL yesterday and since then Metabase has not worked. There are 2 issues

  1. I cannot see the PostgresSQL in the Data dropdown when asking a new question, but can see it as added in the Admin / Database view.
  2. Existing MySQL databases do not return any data when asking a new question.

Has anyone else seen this issue before, anything obvious I am missing?

Does server/browser console logs reveal anything? - see Please read me before reporting a bug! for a broad/general idea about what’s useful in getting to the bottom of issues.

Thanks @jornh.

There is nothing in the logs which explains why the new questions are failing with this message “Your question took too long” for all the databases. Please advise.

I can now see the PostgresSQL in the Data dropdown, so it is number 2 of my post which I need advice.