Adding fixed number to custom expressions


I am doing a summarize, for accumelative count of rows for Company ID , grouped by (Created At-week), as in the attached image,

but I don't want to only count the accumelative, I want to add an initial number to this count, for example 5 , which means, my starting point is 5 , let us say every week, the count is 7, so my chart should be (12 at first week (5+7), then second week, 19 (12+7), then third week 26 (19+7) and so on,

can someone please let me know if this is possible? and if it is possible, how I can do it?

Hi @Silina_AlKhatib
Use a Custom Expression:
CumulativeCount + 5

Thank you flamber,

I am not sure how to exactly write the expression 50%20PM

@Silina_AlKhatib Metabase does not support that - you would have to do it in SQL yourself: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

ok, thank you very much