Adding parameters to pulse API previews

I'm trying to use the API to get pulse card previews, but when I try to use the endpoints:

I can't filter it. So, for example, I want to get the card(123) preview filtered by client_id, I tried to make the request like: /api/pulse/preview_card_png/123?client_id=123 but it didn't work.

Is there anyway to pass filter variables to those API endpoint so I can filter the card before generating the preview/info/png?

this is only a feature available in the Pro/Enterprise offering

I have the Pro offering, I can do the request to the API, it just doesn't filter by the client_id.

If you have a Pro license please contact support, where we read with priority our customers requests and can help you faster :slight_smile:

I thought that by asking here I could help other people, but I'll reach support and update here with information received.

sure! if you open the dev tools and see what are the api calls getting called when Metabase configures the subscriptions by user/filter value you would be able to do it programatically :slight_smile:

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