Adjust font size

Hi, I have a large screen display attached to a manufacturing cell, I would like to run Metabase on this to display current production statistics, I am nearly there but I really need to increase the font size - even in full screen mode the text only fills a small percentage of the available space and it is not readable unless you are extremely close, I even changed display resolution from native format to 800 x 600 and the text is still too small.

Is there any way to change font size? If not can the feature be added?

Only by recompiling. I’d expect it to be on the list of future enhancements though.

As Andrew said it’s a current limitation. In addition to tweaking the styling and do a recompile I can currently think of two other options (or workarounds):

  • Within some range you can bump the browser font size (with Ctrl +)
  • Using a browser plugin (like e.g. Tampermonkey) you can override the styling

@mike_10 you didn’t mention what visualization type you were having issues with?

If it’s tables there’s now this related GitHub issue opened by the Metabase UX guy - you can give you feedback and :+1: for it here: