After google workspace i lost most of my analytics sessions

Hi there, we have recently migrated to Google Workspace and as soon as we have done so we have lost track of most of the sessions coming from "generic paid search". So we we went from avg 2500 to 400.

On Google Analytics (3 and 4) the session are tracked correctly with no issue whatsoever.

However, it seems like something is wrong somewhere down the line.

I have noticed that workspace have some issues, do you know if this is something fixable?

Thanks for al your help

Hi, why this would be a Metabase issue? just to let you know, we're going to deprecate google analytics connector soon, so please move ASAP to bigquery export

Hi Luiggi, thanks for your reply.

At the minute we use Metabase to mix a bunch of metrics including user sessions from the default channel grouping from Google.

Essentially, we do it to improve our reporting.

@Luiggi With that you mean that we will not be able to see any GA data on Metabase (at all) in the near future? not even GA4's one?

You won't be able to use Google Analytics anymore, so please plan accordingly to move to Bigquery and export your Google analytics data to Bigquery