Align pie cards

Is there any workaround for aligning pie charts? I want the charts to be aligned. Just because one chart has larger text,the chart is pushed to the right. Can push all the charts to the right?

Hi @Anum
There's currently no way of manually aligning a Pie chart. It's done automatically based on string length.

Can we use a similar chart in metabase that tends to take up less space?


@Anum The minimum chart sizes are 3x3 or 4x3 depending on the chart type. There's nothing smaller than that.

Is there any way to pull this text a bit down instead of stretching the card across the horizontal direction to make the text visible?


@Anum No, that's not possible. Metabase does not have the capability that you're looking for.
Unless you're looking for the legend to go below, then make the card 4x6.