All GSheet exports broken after update from 0.34.1 to 0.37.7 (date/time format)

Hi guys,

after the latest update from 0.34.1 straight to 0.37.7 ALL of our Google Sheet integrations broke because the date format populated in CSVs has changed to a UNIX Timestamp (including the T) as outlined in
as well as Date format is incorrect after download the xlsx and csv file

It is really utterly frustrating when such things suddenly change.

Why can’t we have a configuration for the date format that should be used
(a) for display in the user interface (PLEASE allow for all possible formats by just allowing the admin to configure the format string)
(b) for CSV exports
© for Excel exports
(d) for JSON exports

If you don’t want to put it into the admin interface, at least give an option to set it via a configuration flag during startup or whatever other means.

But changing these things around really breaks stuff and makes using Metabase really frustrating when all of a sudden all your users and colleagues lose access to their data.

Is this something that can be fixed quickly ? I fear we will have to downgrade yet again back to 0.34.1 because the latest updates simply break stuff that takes ages to rebuild.

Thank you & Best Regards

Hi @SetSails
I don’t understand what you mean about “UNIX Timestamp (including the T)” - that’s not a UNIX timestamp, it’s ISO-8601

There’s an issue open about dates containing more than they should in Public and Embedding exports: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

As for formatting to apply to exports, there’s an issue open for that too: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

You’re right @flamber, my bad - not UNIX.

Nonetheless it is really problematic when such essential things get changed without being able to control it via settings.

I’ll happily upvote… but this is really breaking many dozens of reports. And I’m sure we’re not the only ones suffering frol this change. It would be a pity of it took as long as fixing Google sheets integration back to 200 responses a little while back as it means we’d be stuck on 0.34.1 for way too long.

Thank you for your support & efforts.

Best Regards