Allow users to create Collections

If regular users can create questions and dashboards, then why not also allow them to create Collections?

We will be organizing many/most of our questions by Dashboard … therefore whenever we create a new dashboard we will put the questions from those dashboards into a Collection corresponding to that Dashboard.

Thanks. John

It’s in the making (a new “curator” role) see doc changes for the upcoming v0.30 in the file:

Is there an update to the “Managing Users” chapter of the Admin guide that describes this as a role?

From what I can tell “Curate” is a permission granted on certain objects … seems like we would use “User Groups” to create the notion of a role with extra permissions … am I on the right track or does this work differently?

Thanks. John

No new roles, actually: Curate is an existing collection permission level for user groups. All we’re changing about it is that now in 0.30 non-admins will be allowed to create collections within any collection if they’re a member of a group that has curate permission for that collection.

You’ll also be happy to know that dashboards will also be able to be saved inside collections in 0.30.

Sorry about the confusion, mybad. Shouldn’t have used the “role” term. All pretty clear in the rendered version of the new draft 0.30 docs

Thanks for clarifying @maz!

@jkowtko fair to mark this with [solved] in the title?

Sure, you can mark my original question as resolved.

Just a final comment … looking at your permissions design, it looks like you are using user groups for roles (e.g. starting with Admin and All Users) which is a clean design … however you still have the notion of User Roles in the Admin UI (, which is inconsistent? Will you be removing that and/or renaming it to User Groups?

Yep, thanks for pointing out that inconsistency in the docs, @jkowtko. I have a pending change to the docs which updates lots of information in them for 0.30, including removing the language about user roles. The only roles that currently exist in Metabase are Administrators and regular users. (Incidentally, the UI in the Admin section hasn’t used the “Roles” language for a long time, if I recall correctly.)