Allowing users to only view data related to them


I am new in Metabase.i have created some sample dashboards using Metabase. now I have a requirement to implement Metabase dashboard at multiple clients or user, allowing the user to only view data related to them . for example. I am from company A. when I log in to the Metabase dashboard I can only able to see the details from company A. not visible to other companies. and another client also has the same.

the following are my queries.

  1. do we possible to implement this using Metabase? if yes please provide some useful links or solutions.

if not, then please let me know when this feature will be added to Metabase. and it would be very useful for so many applications if metabase has this feature.

Thanks in Advance.

It’s in the paid version
Alternatively, if it’s just for view, embed and pass a parameter that the user can’t access.

Noted, Thank you very much for your reply.