Alternative visualisation (custom mapping / FK) in Model?

Hi, is it possible to custom map values in Models?
Or use values from FK?
Both are possible in Tables, I don't see them in Models interface.

Hi @janpeterka
There's no remapping options, but you can change the field type in the metadata:
There's several options that was removed last-minute, since we need to add more core functionality before we can add more features.

Thanks for reply!

Yeah, I know about field type :slight_smile:
My usecase is really about remapping (some enums) and using FK name

In the meantime, I will

  1. Do remapping using CASE in SQL
  2. JOINing FK to add

@janpeterka A lot of people read the forum, so that's also why I reference everything.
Models are currently not a full substitute for Views, but edging closer...

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Yeah, I understand that, and I'm looking forward to more complete and prominent Models. It seems like a great way to make data more accessible to the whole team!

I love how they are the default data source in new questions made in the collection.