An error while displaying this card in dashboard subscriptions


1 of the cards of a bar graph fails to display in a an email dashboard subscription. However, it works fine in the dashboard itself. The rest of the cards from the same dashboard render completely fine in the email. Please send help :sob:

This is what the chart looks like:

Currently using Metabase version 0.42.3

Hi @jamsawamsa
You're seeing this issue: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Hey Flamber, thanks for the reply!

Is there a workaround for this at the moment? Or do we have to wait until we've reached critical mass of upvotes for that issue?

@jamsawamsa There's currently no workaround - besides just including a table visualization.

what do you mean by a table visualization sir? Like a screenshot of the table? Or the actual table with the data in it?

@jamsawamsa I mean use a Table visualization instead of a Bar visualization. Subscriptions currently cannot handle gaps in data, when using Stacked, but Subscriptions doesn't support Stacked either.