Anybody else got problems with iOS since 0.43?

Hi there

Before digging in too deep or reporting a bug, I wanted to ask if somebody else got any problems with iOS and v0.43 (iOS 15.4.1 on a iPhone SE 2022), after the upgrade vom v0.42 to v0.43?

Eg, my dashboard refreshes the whole page every 0.1s. Clicking on buttons leads to blank pages.

I can provide logs if that helps. But I'm curious if it's only happening within my (self hosted) instance or to also to other users.

Btw, the whole instance works just fine within an Android mobile phone or a Desktop.

Hi @samuel-t
You're seeing this issue, which is fixed and part of 0.43.1 coming next week:

Ah the issue is already closed, that's why i haven't found it on github. Thank you!