API: Metabase account to use with scheduled task


I am writing a scheduled task which will query Metabase at regular intervals via the API.
My question is how to create an account in Metabase that the scheduled task can use with the API to obtain the token? The account will have not an email account.
I have looked through the API documentation but I did not see any mention of this scenario.

Many thanks,

Hey Garrie,

You’ll need an account created within the People section in Metabase Admin.

  • Some endpoints require that the user be an admin, also known as a superuser. Endpoints that require admin or superuser status (admin = superuser) generally say so in their documentation. They will return a 403 (Forbidden) status code if the current user is not an admin.

Here is a list of the available endpoints along with asterisks to help identify which will need Admin status in order to be accessible.

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