Are there plans to add administrators to each group?

Hello, I would like to learn about the development of Metabase from you. Now we have an administrator who can manage all user groups, but for each group, we want him to have his own administrator, which may be more suitable for our use. Do you plan to add this feature?

Hi @zsk
Go and upvote this issue by clicking :+1: on the first post:

OK, I hope you’ll think it over and choose to adopt it, or a very good choice.

@zsk I doubt that it will be part of Community Edition - but will probably be considered for Enterprise Edition.

If you adopt it, where will I get this information?

@zsk Go to the Github issue and click Subscribe-button on the right sidebar.

I have already subscribed. Thank you.

I don't know how this is not a feature yet. Seems like this has been requested for a long time now.

Having one admin manage all of the groups is a headache. Every time someone in any group needs something they would have to reach out to the admin and if you give a member of each group admin access and someone makes a mistake then that's another nightmare.

If each group is a client then that's even worst.