Ask a question is taking a long time to open on Metabase

I am currently running on metabase(v0.34.2) and “Ask a question” is taking more than a minute to open.

The observation is that “api/database?include_tables=true&include_cards=true” this particular end point is taking a large chunk of the time(around 90%) of the load time.

Please suggest a solution around here.

Hi @har5havardhan

How many tables do you have in all the connected databases?
Do you have a lot of questions too?

You say that you’re currently on 0.34.2, but does that mean you didn’t have the problem on earlier versions? Which?

There’s a lot of work being done to optimize UI for large installations (many databases/tables/questions), so it’s not blocking or paginated.
I’m not sure if any of it will make it into 0.34.x, but I’m quite sure there will be a lot of improvements in 0.35.0
Adding this for reference - but there’s at least 5-10 other issues:

hi @flamber. Thanks for the response.
yes there are around 7k tables and 12k questions and I am aware that this is causing issues. I looked into the issues as well but was just curious to know if it will be resolved in the next version and any ideas on when the next version is supposed to release?

@har5havardhan I’ve not seen any schedule for 0.35 yet, so I don’t want to put my head on the block with a firm date in case it slips. Generally major releases are a couple of months apart, so that would put it in about a month.