Athena permissions and organization

What would be the best way to organize a subset of Athena tables that would be synced? I only want to allow access to one database (or some other subset of tables if there is a better option) both for cost savings and access control. Currently, all my Athena databases from Glue catalog are synced.

You can hide tables in table metadata, is that what you’re looking for ?

I know that, thanks! I would like to skip syncing them in general, I don't want to have to go and hide around things for every new bucket that pops up. I'll check Athena docs for organization tips.

You can create an IAM User on AWS that only has access to the databases/tables that Metabase needs to access. Then just change the connection

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Yup, thats what I ended up doing. I think it's an unfortunate way for table level access control but what can you do