Authentication problems for exporting query results: "too many attempts"


My application works as follows:

  1. I create a bunch of metabase questions;
  2. In a Wordpress platform, I get the result of these questions and show to my users. Its my own written dashboard.

In order to get the question results, I’m using metabase API, particularly this method:

In order to use this method, I need to authenticate (although the question is set as public). In order to get a token, I use this method:

The problem is: if several people want to navigate at the same time, I start to get authentication errors

Too many attempts! You must wait 24 seconds before trying again.

How can I solve this issue? Why do I need authentication to get the results of public embeddable question?

Are you requesting a new token for each new API query result export request? If that’s the case I think I would try to come up with a way to cache and reuse it.

Hi @jornh,

Thanks for the answer. No, the token is kept in a cookie.

I request a new token for each different visitor, which is already enough to get these errors.