Automated python script which does everything from accessing metabase token to visualisation

Hi, is there a jupyter notebook or a script for reference, for non programmers to easily understand how to do metabase visualisations in python?

Hi @abhijithneilabraham
I don't quite understand what you are looking for. You are asking for some script, but for non-programmers to use. Isn't Metabase providing exactly that in the GUI for non-programmers?

I am looking for a jupyter notebook where metabase gets the token,collects a sample data from a database, does visualisations, all in a jupyter notebook, without the user to use extra commands from outside terminal. Is this possible?

@abhijithneilabraham There's currently no official Jupyter Notebook, so you'll have to make it yourself.

No worries. I will try doing this myself!

You can use Python wrappers for Metabase API (e.g. this package) to get a head start.