Automatic translations

Metabase is "built with care", but this cannot be said of automatic translations.
I am the main translator for the Czech language (82%) and I have to point out that automatic translations are approximately 20% wrong.
Czech is a one of hardest languages (my Chinese colleague learned it and said it is more complicated than Chinese), you can read about it (and others) here.

You seem to be using DeepL for the actomatic translations, but it's not as smart as you think, especially for technical terms.

Often there are very ridiculous cases like:
New driver - Nový řidič ("řidič" is used in our language ONLY to refer to the person driving the car)
Reaches the goal line - Dosáhne brankové čáry ("brankové" is used in sports terminology but not in any other)

Unfortunately, this also happens with frequently used terms
dashboard - Přístrojová deska (This is total nonsense, such a term is not used in common speech.)
Unknown Field - Neznámý obor (the field has a different meaning than "obor")

In addition to incorrect translation, there is often a problem with consistency
Search - Vyhledejte / Vyhledat / Hledání (the same word is translated differently in different places)

If you intend to continue with this, it would be a good idea to notify the translators by email that you have done this.