AWS Install results in 502

I’ve followed the instructions 5 times now for setting up Metabase on AWS/Elastic Beanstalk and I always end up with a 502 when I browse to the URL the first time; nothing unexpected in the logs.

Anyone else run into this? I know the instructions are NOT accurate for all the options AWS gives you during setup, it’s possible I’m missing something. Anyone else run into this?

that’s a very dated set of docs. We released 0.12 over a year ago. Are you following that link exactly or did you just copy-paste the wrong dock link?

Specifically, that page gives you a link to

The current link is

If you’ve been trying to launch v0.12, try v0.20.3 and see if you get the same issue.

Thanks this helped, I did get passed this issue only by using the pre-configured setup that is available via the “Launch on AWS” link that was on the page. When I tried to follow the instructions manually it didn’t work. But the Launch pre-configuration worked great.