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I like the way we can choose slice from chart within dashboard and navigate to detail and again details with in detail can be done choosing the available result.However once navigated there is no option to go back to dashboard directly. Is there any way this can be acchieved other then browser back button

Hi @NaveenHadagali

It sounds like you want a breadcrumb path?

While I understand what you’re looking for, it’s a little more complicated to implement.
If you’re on a dashboard and slice a chart, then it goes to the question with some filters. Already right here, it’s an issue, since a question can be part of multiple dashboards.

Somehow the dashboard would have to send a little extra information along, so when you’re on the question, then it would know to reference the correct dashboard.

I cannot find any feature request for something similar, so you could create one:

Thanks and could you please raise a new feature request for this on my behalf.

I would prefer people open their own issues, so I’m not the author of everything. I’m just a user like you.

Sure will do. Thanks