Basic mysql setup

I have created a base metabase install, run the setup and added an admin user (password saved in password manager) then migrated from H2 to MySql 8.
I moved the H2 db files out of the directory (to ensure it was not using H2), span metabase back up in MySQL mode and could log in and out multiple times with no issue.
I then took a database backup and created a new server to restore the DB on to.

The restored metabase instance won't allow me to log in and I get the following in the logs;
{:errors {:password "did not match stored password"}}

If I copy the H2 files up to the new server and run in H2 mode I can log in using the saved password fine.
If I drop the MySql db and re-run the migration from H2 to MySql again the password works.

Is recovering directly from an sql dump on a new machine not possible or am I missing something in the DB export process or some documentation I've not yet seen?

I'm running version 0.45.3.

I would suggest you start Metabase from scratch connecting directly to the MySQL server. There's no need to first run it via H2 and then move to MySQL. Start it directly connected to MySQL