BI Evaluation

We are evaluating different BI options to use in our organizations, we are relatively new but exploring Metabase and also quite much liking it.
We have 2 questions if any one help please
we need one functionality to add comments to table rows, and those comments should be saved back to our DB.
i think this is not supported by metabase as of now, but can someone please let us know any workarounds if possible.
how can we restrict access to table rows based on the user who gets logged in, i.e. user A should see only A’s department data or user B should see B’s department data only.

Thank you above 2 will greatly help us decide which way to go.

#1: we have talked about having in-app comments. But as far as writing back to the DB goes, that’s not something we’re currently planning on doing.

#2: this is absolutely on our near-term road map as we’ve heard this request from lots of users. It is not currently possible in Metabase yet, though. Stay tuned for updates.

Thank you so much.
If possible can you provide some tentative time by when #2 can be made available please.

We’re targeting late Q1 or early Q2 of this year.

Thank you much.