Block the access of several tables or columns with using native querying


I have connected my postgre database on Metabase. I want to give the access to a friend (simple user) to my dashboards & collections.

I have sensitive data in several columns. I want to hide this data by column. Is it possible ?

And another question, can he edit my SQL queries on the dashboards ?

If not, can I make this example possible with another pricing ?

To summarise, I want to give him the access to almost everything but not to the sensitive columns in the tables.


Hi @Zikki
That's possible with Sandboxing:
Otherwise you would need to create a Postgres user which had restricted privileges (and possible also need to create some Views) and then you would add that database connection to Metabase.

But no, Metabase cannot parse SQL currently: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

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