Breakdown and comparison question

I want to have 3 different weeks being displayed on one line graph.
I can easily do this by using day of week or sql displaying each day of the week.
However I also want to display that data based on hours, and not weekdays.
Which I can do on one graph no problem. But when I need to put them inside one line graph, by going into dashboard and adding a question onto a line graph, I can’t because the date is not the same. eg Jan 29, as opposed to last weeks Jan 22.
My question is how can I do a comparison on 2 time periods,if it that is not a feature, how can I concatenate Day of week with hour of week so It displays day of week but also breaks it down into hour of day? so I can do a comparison by adding the questions together.

Hi @akantor333
What you’re asking for is currently not possible to do via the query builder in Metabase.
You would need to do it in SQL.