Browse data looks for dropped fields (v0.36.0)

There have been some changes made to our database schemas and while the data model in Metabase is synced (looks correct from Admin > Data Model view, no dropped fields), I can’t browse some of these tables because the SQL that puts it together is still looking for the dropped fields.

This is what I get when I go to Our Data > Database Name > Table Name:

ERROR: column does not exist 
Position: 2418

In the underlying SQL, I can see where this is happening, but I am not sure how to influence the default behavior of the SQL for the data browsing functionality.

Hi @frangfrang
Post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.
Latest release is 0.36.6
It sounds like you’re not using the official version of 0.36.0, but some pre-build, since I remember that was an issue before the official release.
It was caused by remapping (“Display values” > “Use foreign key”) lost it’s connection to the right fields.

It looks like you’re right, we are not on 0.36.6. I clicked into (“Display values” > “Use foreign key”) and it’s finally updated now. Thanks!