Bug in Line graph?

Hi, I’m noticing a problem when I compare the line graph of my results to the table. I don’t see the same values in one element. I’ve ordered by date so i know it’s not a problem with the ordering . I’ve attached some screenshots of the differences. Can anyone see what might be wrong or is it just a bug?



snapshot of graph:

True values:
21-11-16 = 55300.23
22-11-16 = 55300.23
23-11-16 = 25690.81

If I had to guess, I think you’re getting hit by https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/2913 and maybe a timezone issue. We have some nooks+crannies in how times pass through the various layers of the system.

Can you share:

  • what db you’re using
  • what metabase version you’re using
  • whether you have a reporting timezone set
  • the query or question you’re running
  • the underlying schema + timezones on the column you’re grouping on? Specifically, are all the timezones homogenous across the rows?