Bug in the display of a collection


I am contacting you in order to report a problem I am facing in Metabase with one of my collection. More accurately, I can't access and see the content of my collection named "Sales" when I click on it. For things to be more comprehensive for you, I have attached a screenshot of the error message that displays when I click on the collection.

In the waiting of your response, I'd like to thank you for the assistance that you continuously provide to the Metabase community.


Hi @luccin
Something is making my think that the collection has been archived. Have you tried refreshing your browser, perhaps there's a browser cache somewhere.
If you go directly to the URL /api/collection/123, where 123 is the collection ID of "Sales", what is the output?

Hi Flamber,

Thanks for your reply. I have checked my archives but my collection is not there. I have also refreshed my browser many times but nothing has changed. Concerning the ID of my collection "Sales", how can I access the ID of a collection?

@luccin Look in the URL, it should have the ID of the collection.

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Thank you, I found the id. When I go the url /api/collection/ID_of_my_collection, this is where it drives me: CollectionListing

Is it the site where you expected me to end up?

@luccin You are linking to something completely different than Metabase.
You need to go to https://YOUR-METABASE-URL/api/collection/123

Ask if your co-workers are having the same problem with this specific collection. If they don't have this problem, then it's likely caused by a bad extension in your browser, try a different browser or without extensions.

Thank you for your advice, my problem is solved :ok_hand:
I have accessed my metabase with another browser and it worked.

Do you have any potential idea about why a collection can start displaying on some browsers and not on other ones? If yes, do you know how can I solve this browser issue?

@luccin I have no idea which browser you're using or which extensions you have, but start by disabling all extensions, and then enable extensions one-by-one until you start having problems, and then you know which extension is causing problems and delete that extension or report problems to the extension author.

Ok, great. Thank you for your help.

Have a nice day.