By which version will pulses be retired?

The documentation with each release is not explicit about retiring pulses, while it has been made clear pulses will be replaced "in a future release" (link). This has us anxiously checking the docs for any mention on the subject before we upgrade.

Hi @lvdv
There's currently no explicit date/version for complete deprecation. Currently the Dashboard Subscription functionality is being expanded even further, which is what Pulses are being deprecated in favor of.
I think we would develop a tool to convert the Pulses to Dashboard Subscriptions before removing Pulses completely.

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Hi, is there an update on this? We'd like to understand how proactive we need to be about removing pulses. Thanks!

@jadabdallah Pulses will likely be removed in 0.43 and there will be migration to subscriptions. If you want to be proactive, then stop using Pulses and start using Subscriptions.

Thanks @flamber, we've already started the transition but still have many existent pulses. You mentioned above a tool to convert pulses to dashboard subscriptions. is this still happening or do you recommend getting started with that manually?

@jadabdallah There will be a migration, when you upgrade.
Since Pulses and Subscriptions are not totally equally, then perhaps the migration might create a lot of things that you don't want/need, so doing it manually will make sure that everything is done exactly how you want.

Thanks a lot!

@flamber, so are pulses still supported in version 0.43? We would like to update but still have some pulses that are not migrated yet.
I couldn't find anything in the official documentation or release notes.

@juliansteger-sc Pulses are still working. There's no timeline for when they will be migrated. You should stop using Pulses and change to Subscriptions.

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