Caching does not help make queries faster

Hi, Metabase team!

We have a problem with caching:

  1. We turned on caching

  2. then recreated sequence of models in MySQL for this.
    {{#3-model }} based on {{#2-model}} that based on {{#1-model}}

  3. But big queries still can't be executed.


And queries that can, didn't work faster.
What am I doing wrong? Could you help please?

Caching only helps on 2nd or later queries using the same query. Read the manual on caching to understand the multipliers too.
Personally, I've found the solution is to do something in the database - materialised view or better indexing.

Year, I use {{#1-model}} as a source for {{#2-model}}. And then create {{#3-model}} as select smth from {{#2-model}}.
I thought that I can use cached models as materialized view. It's not right?

Also can I create indexes in models?

I've not used models. I'm old fashioned - I like to do my data modelling outside of data visualistion tools. Makes it much easier if you want to use additional tools.
I did think that models cached data though.

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